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An evening with Orlando Figes

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Russification and Revolution

Nationalities Problem before 1917

Why the Reds Won the Civil War?

What if Emancipation (1861) had succeeded?

Why did Stalin come to power?

How did agriculture change 1891-1914?

WW1 and 1917

Nicholas I and WW1

A seminar with students at the International School of Toulouse

Was 1905 a 'dress rehearsal' for 1917?

How do you assess Nicholas II as a ruler?

Could Tsarism have become a constitutional monarchy?

Could the war have consolidated the Tsarist regime?

How can you make judgements about this period?

What might have happened if Russia had not joined the First World War?

1905 and the Russo-Japanese War: part 1

1905 and the Russo-Japanese War: part 2

WW1 and the Provisional Government

Lenin and Brest-Litovsk

Stalin and 1941

Stalin and Hitler

War and Revolution

Did Russia swap one tyranny for another in 1917?

1900-1918 as an alternative path of development

Power and violence in the Russian tradition

Western influences on Russia

"Asiatic" Autocracy

Stalin and Lenin

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